Alright, it’s been a while.

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I’ve played, beaten, and wanted to sit down and write a bunch of different reviews for the games that I got. But due to the lack of views, comments, etc. that I have received it became indifferent to me. However, I feel like I should write more reviews to give those who may stumble across this later on down the road a chance to read up on some stuff. So expect some new stuff soon.

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Planetside 2 announcement and Battlefield 3 Specs (better have a super computer)

Apparently I missed out on the first Planetside, but the second one has been announced and it sounds like a great idea. If you don’t want to (or don’t have to, for that matter) leave the house. However, on further inspection of the 2003 title for PC it seems like an original idea that, for whatever reason, never got picked up by other developers. The new one looks awesome, look at the video in this link:

All the more reason to get an awesome new computer. Just need more money first…

In other news, the people at DICE studios recently released the specifications their PC customers will need to be playing on (at minimum/recommended). Since “DICE’s focus on making Battlefield 3 a PC powerhouse” is paramount to their successful forumla, they make this game really powerful. Check it out.


  • Hard Drive Space: 15 GB for disc version or 10 GB for digital version
  • Operating System: Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo @ 2.0GHz
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Video Card: DirectX 10 or 11 compatible Nvidia or AMD ATI card


  • Hard Drive Space: 15 GB for disc version or 10 GB for digital version
  • Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Video Card: DirectX 11 Nvidia or AMD ATI card, GeForce GTX 460, Radeon Radeon HD 6850\


Two more reasons to get a new, super powerful computer. Still need money.

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Outrage over Team Bondi and their management

So for the past week or so, there has been increased heat over the way that game developer Team Bondi has been treated by their boss (Brendan McNamara) and why Rockstar didn’t step in and halt this process. Here is a link to another story furthering the depth of the problem within the company.

This article pretty much goes over what the management did incorrectly, and how the staff was expected to work 70 or more hours a week without overtime compensation. It’s honestly a shame how poorly that both Team Bondi and Rockstar handled their development teams, and why this is bad is because of the precedent that it sets. If the standard for a 43k salary in the video game world is acceptable for that amount of work, major publishers who own several companies (EA, EA Sports, Activision) will strive to create this type of work environment.

But many of you may be asking, “Why do I care? I’d kill for a spot working at a video game company, it’s a labor of love!” Well, while it may seem to be a job to kill for, if this standard is pushed for it will overall limit the creativity for video games. Companies like Bungie thrive on unique working environments and excellent working conditions, even if they have to work massive amounts of time all at once. It’s expected for some aspects of the game, especially before it’s released, but you know Bungie, creator of Halo, has the resources to create a suitable working environment for 70 hours a week, if need be. If anything, a standard like this needs to be held in high regard rather than what Team Bondi has let happen. Even though Rockstar has been active about saying that they will not deal with Bondi again, I fear the company may start a new IP because of the insane success of L.A. Noire.

Don’t let quality fall to the wayside in short term views of money, developers. It’s only going to hurt you in the long run.

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Bioshock Infinite Gameplay!

It’s a game that I’m excited about, being a big fan of the first game. I never played the second one, but I think that developer Irrational Minds has really wrapped their heads around what they are doing now, and have a really, truly creative game here. It would be a shame not to watch some of this video. Do it, you know you want to. Release date is still undecided, except sometime in 2012.

Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like this.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary – Wasted effort?


Will this game live up to the hype, or be forgotten in five years?

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m probably one of the nerdier, throwback Halo fans who remembered when it came out in late 2001. I remember playing it the first time, so impressed by every aspect of the game. Graphically, I hadn’t seen anything like it. The new Xbox system was pushing limits I thought were incredible at the time. And they were, by any kind of standards in 2001. The multiplayer aspect blew my mind, and it quickly lead to LAN-parties around the neighborhood. Out of the games that holds childhood nostalgia, this game is second to Ocarina of Time. However, with a revamp of the game, there are many things that are going to change.

Also, the Reach engine was interesting, but not quite for me. The multiplayer aspect started getting really old when everyone was rolling around, jetpacking around, or just saying FUCK YOU and using the armor lock technique. It seems that there are aspects of this multiplayer I would never want to cross over into my happy, nostalgic childhood memories. If they just redid the graphical components (like the Splinter Cell Trilogy HD collection, or something) and made it have the same multiplayer maps, I would be a happy camper. However, I am not, because this will just be another add-on to Reach multiplayer maps, and I’ve already expressed my opinions about said Halo: Reach multiplayer.

And they are trying to incorporate Kinect into this as well? It’s a first-person shooter. WITH YOUR BODY? No thanks, bro.

Games spend too much time trying to put hundreds of toppings on a pizza that was once successful. The key in new gaming innovation is to create something simple but new and unique to a franchise. Every time I think of a title that has launched into a full-blown series, the creativity has either completely disappeared, or the developers have had to somewhat change the formula. I want this to be a change to the formula, not slapping the Reach engine onto “new campaign maps and multiplayer maps”. For the love of Master Chief. Or Mister Chief, for that matter.



Just got my third game from Gamefly AND…

The disc was scratched. So badly. I finally got past the main screen to play Splinter Cell: Conviction, to have the audio mysteriously missing. That’s annoying. Time to send it back instead of Mortal Kombat, spend some time honing my Fatalities.

If you stumble upon this, my gamertag is Teh Wingless, and I’ll play with whoever.

Mortal Kombat – Worth the Kost?

Recently I learned of a revamp in the works for a new Mortal Kombat game. My ears perked up, but somehow I lost attention for it before the games release. However, the dual release of this game and Portal 2 on the same week in April made it a hard decision. Should I get this game, or Portal 2? Portal 2 got the purchase, and I put this off for a while. It’s hard to justify spending 60 dollars on a video game, especially a fighter that could potentially have no replay value, and had relatively little content.

I recently rented this title through Gamefly, and I couldn’t tell you how wrong I was to think that this game was limited by the content. In fact, I spent more time on this rental that I probably have on Portal 2 (even with that stupid Smash TV achievement). Mortal Kombat has a plethora of additional content, as well as a varied amount of game modes. There is: Story Mode (1 player), Tournament Ladder (classic version of story modes with ONE or TWO characters), Training Mode, Fatality Trainer, Test Your Might, Test Your Luck, Test Your Sight, Test Your Strike, King of the Hill, even an un-lockable gallery deemed “The Krypt” for diehard fans of the series.

Seemingly inundated with all of this, I jumped into single player mode. There are around twenty-seven playable characters that you play with throughout the game (28 with PS3), each with their own special moves, throws, etc. You know what that means? The infamous fatalities are back for each one of the fighters. Which means that I had lots of fun playing through the story.

List of all playable characters, including the DLC ones, from a PS3 screenshot.

As far as the story line goes, it is one of the most fun and interesting titles I have played in a long time. Especially for a fighting game, never have I seen more effort put into the history of the storyline, and Mortal Kombat retells the last three games perfectly. With the end of the world coming, Raiden sends himself visions from the future, in order to alter the present and prevent the evil Shao Khan from consuming Earth Realm. It’s a bit confusing, and there are seemingly useless fights. It’s almost as if the developer (NetherRealm Studios, formerly Midway) was desperately attempting to create fights to lengthen the story. As well, most of the characters seemingly die off all at once at a certain point, making it…seem to go flat. Besides those points, it’s an excellent game.

Gameplay seems to run rather smoothly, and not too many glitches. In fact, the standard frames per second seemed higher than just 30 a second. Very well crafted, so we can see babalities in full HD:

How I feel when this game kicks my ass over and over

The final boss in the game, however, is one of the most unfair and rage inducing experiences I have had in a long time. Shao Khan’s body is made completely of carbon fiber and the blood of innocents, so basically a fireball from Liu Kang is like a poke to him. I would compare this experience to climbing Mount Everest covered in oil with some dick stepping on your fingers. Seriously, it gets worse when you can’t easily move away from his death attacks.

All in all, I wish I had more time to play this game. I’ve only spent ten hours on it at the most, and it’s easily my favorite fighting game. This kind of game should be the new industry standard. However, it is so difficult and flaws in the story leave something to be desired from the final product.

My score: 90/100