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God I hated Bridesmaids.

I’m new to blogging, this doesn’t make too much sense.

I hate how cats wait until you sit down, or lay down, or generally fucking relax then they want you to open doors for them.

When I graduated High School, it was stupid. My friend’s brother is graduating tomorrow and I can’t help but feel he must think the same. The best part about high school for me was when I got to leave.

Saw Bridesmaids. I hated that movie. I love to go out and watch well made movies, and my girlfriend and I were going to have a great time watching a romantic comedy for her and something silly and light-hearted  for me. But the horrendous atrocity to film making we witnessed made me want to carve my eyes out with a butter knife. Bad acting, good potential, bad delivery, good potential, bad plot, good potential, bad everything. Maybe if I vomit in my mouth then swallow that, then drink a pint of rubbing alcohol everything will be better.

I need more music, people need to recommend me more stuff.

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