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Games I am excited to play soon.

We all know E3 was last week, and all that jazz. Well, since then most rumors and speculations have been put to death about said video games, and as the smoke clears I wanted to tell everyone who reads this how excited I am for certain new games coming out.

Most excited about: (in no particular order)

1: Skyrim

2: Mass Effect 3

3: Gears of War 3 (I enjoy the story, not multiplayer)

4: Modern Warfare 3

5: Ninja Gaiden 3

6: Halo 4

7: Battlefield 3

8: Assassin’s Creed Revelations

9: Halo: CE remake (except I don’t want to play on a Reach engine)

After looking at my list, there is a surprising amount of trilogy games. Hope that these don’t end up being a failure on the developer’s part, especially Ninja Gaiden 3. That is exactly what I need after a long day at work.

Also, I just got Gamefly so send me a message if you are interested in playing some games online. I’m nice, promise.

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