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Okama Gamesphere

So I have been watching a bunch of old South Park episodes, thanks to Netflix, and I stumbled on this old favorite. The okama gamesphere, which absorbs the boys entire attention, it made me wonder: what’s the next level of innovation that a video game can produce?

When the Nintendo N64 came out, I got it for Christmas shortly after. I remember this because I was so happy I got the most innovative, exciting video game system. With new multiplayer features, awesome titles like starfox 64, and the rumble Pak, it was the best Christmas ever.

When I saved up money from birthdays, allowances, and odd lawn moving jobs, I finally got an Xbox in early 2002. The newer features in this game system were mind boggling. Internet play, open world exploration, you name it, Xbox most likely innovated it. Same with playstation, although I never played it.

When the 360 came out, I considered it gimmicy until halo 3 came out. Since then, I have enjoyed so many different innovative and unique features in these next generational video games. My question is, where can it be taken next? And don’t tell me playstation move or kinect, those are idiotic and nothing more than a device where you feel like a badass, while in reality you are nothing more than a raging douchebag.

I’m not sure when there will be a new strand of video game systems, but I am content with the innovation of current generational systems without another 500 dollar pricetag.


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