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What can improve from Oblivion to Skyrim

So, if you are like me, you’ve put way too many hours of your time into The Elder Scrolls series, most recently the fourth installment in the series: Oblivion. It has been an exceedingly long time since the last release of an Elder Scrolls game, when Oblivion came out in 2006. However, for the hungry fans that we are Bethesda has revealed they have a completely new game for a November release at E3 earlier this month. Well, they released most of the details around the time of E3. And I cannot tell you how many different days of time were lost to me in the immersion of the virtual world Bethesda created. Here are some key things that Bethesda should change in their next game:

1) Glitches

I had several different save slots that were overwrited by the auto-save as soon as I got stuck in a rock. I understand the massive amount of information any area in this game has, but it would be nice if this issue was at least improved or worked on in Skyrim.

2) Voice acting

I wish that there was more of a variety of actors that were for each of the characters in the game. It seemed like in Oblivion there was only a couple of different actors to do the work for everybody. Some of the games (Mass Effect, for example) that have many different characters seem to all be done by different actors. Bethesda has the money and effort to implement more actors, and to not do this reduces the immersion and realness of the game.

3) Slow loading screens

The loading screens were ridiculous in Oblivion. Maybe they can go for a game that is spread across three discs like L.A. Noire, but seriously it has to change. Or if I download it to my hard drive and it will run as well as people can run it on PC’s. And the loading screens that would happen when I was running too fast through an area were super long as well.

4) Big Cities

There were a lot of small cities in Oblivion, but none that were truly BIG in the sense of geographical area. Imperial City was large, but I wanted there to be more shops, people, and buildings in a single area. If they incorporated more people in a certain city, it would make the world seem more real than just small little towns strewn across a giant land mass. The big city in Morrowind was more of what I would like to see in Skyrim.

5) Graphical Issues

I got tired of the errors in the game when I would come across an area that still had lower images loading on different textures. You have the technology, please make the new game without this. Not sure if it would improve if it was installed on the hard drive, but I don’t care. It seems inexcusable with the new technology of today.

6) Seemingly useless items everywhere

Want to break into a building, scope it out when nobody is around? Well, you’re in luck. And in the desk drawer is…APPLES FOR 1 GOLD COIN. Everywhere. Oh wait, here is some paper scrolls. 2 gold. YES FUCK YEAH I GOT SOME MORE GOLD COINS HOLY SHIT. You go to sell it, you might get 1 gold for it. I wish there was more useful things in people’s houses.

I really hope that some of these changes will be implemented in the new game. Bethesda makes such great games, they don’t need little things like this holding the games’ true potential behind. 141 days.

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