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Outrage over Team Bondi and their management

So for the past week or so, there has been increased heat over the way that game developer Team Bondi has been treated by their boss (Brendan McNamara) and why Rockstar didn’t step in and halt this process. Here is a link to another story furthering the depth of the problem within the company.


This article pretty much goes over what the management did incorrectly, and how the staff was expected to work 70 or more hours a week without overtime compensation. It’s honestly a shame how poorly that both Team Bondi and Rockstar handled their development teams, and why this is bad is because of the precedent that it sets. If the standard for a 43k salary in the video game world is acceptable for that amount of work, major publishers who own several companies (EA, EA Sports, Activision) will strive to create this type of work environment.

But many of you may be asking, “Why do I care? I’d kill for a spot working at a video game company, it’s a labor of love!” Well, while it may seem to be a job to kill for, if this standard is pushed for it will overall limit the creativity for video games. Companies like Bungie thrive on unique working environments and excellent working conditions, even if they have to work massive amounts of time all at once. It’s expected for some aspects of the game, especially before it’s released, but you know Bungie, creator of Halo, has the resources to create a suitable working environment for 70 hours a week, if need be. If anything, a standard like this needs to be held in high regard rather than what Team Bondi has let happen. Even though Rockstar has been active about saying that they will not deal with Bondi again, I fear the company may start a new IP because of the insane success of L.A. Noire.

Don’t let quality fall to the wayside in short term views of money, developers. It’s only going to hurt you in the long run.

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