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Just got my third game from Gamefly AND…

The disc was scratched. So badly. I finally got past the main screen to play Splinter Cell: Conviction, to have the audio mysteriously missing. That’s annoying. Time to send it back instead of Mortal Kombat, spend some time honing my Fatalities.

If you stumble upon this, my gamertag is Teh Wingless, and I’ll play with whoever.


HD Splinter Cell Trilogy – Released in August ONLY FOR PS3 WHAT IS THIS I DONT EVEN

So, I’m going online, trying to figure out some new video game news, looking at release dates. Then I see this.

Basically, all the old Splinter Cell games (you know, the good ones – Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow, and Chaos Theory) are being made exclusively for Playstation 3 in HD. I am a giant fan of said awesome game, and I would buy it in a second – if I owned a $300 video game system I never used. I can’t justify the cost of buying a Playstation 3, but things like this really grind my gears.

I know I could just still play the old ones on my Xbox but, come on. They finally remade them, but only for Playstation 3? First MGS4, then Heavy Rain, now this.

PS – If you’ve never played any of these games, I would recommend trying Chaos Theory. One of the best game that I have ever put my hands on.


What pisses me off about video games

So, I am getting pretty tired of playing video games that everyone says is good, I go to get said video game, and then it is so crap. This has happened with several video games that I have recently gotten, and I am unsure why people trick me into getting them. Even worse, the replay value of games is drastically dropping off, with the incentive of “DLC in the future” keeping me from throwing it down a storm drain.

DLC is a complete ripoff and really needs to stop being made for a month, sold for 10 dollars, while the game has been in development for two or more years and is sold at 60 dollars right out of the gate. If there was a satisfactory addition that the DLC brought instead of two hours of my life gone on something that barely had any effort given to it, it would be different.

I’m tired of games turning into Call of Duty. Call of Duty is an excellent game in it’s own right, a compelling story base while adhering to similar gun mechanics and multiplayer modes. Infinity Ward has set really high standards with its’ 60 frames per second video quality. However, so many games have been copying the red-dot scopes and multiplayer aspects, it’s starting to really grind my gears. Can’t people who spend years getting into the industry come up with an original idea?

Why does every game have to include some unnecessary sexual content or bad dialogue that detracts from the story? I have no idea how many times I’ve gone in to play my Xbox, and come across some fourteen-year old kid’s fantasy in my video game. With blood and guts spewed about the room, a┬áscantily-clad woman approaches you and mentions something vague and dirty. Surely I cannot be the only one who feels a bit insulted when they target me with women and violence. Sorry, your video game still sucks, nice try.

Also, I am tired of cliffhangers. Why can’t game studios just finish a god damn video game correctly? Alan Wake, for example, was a truly innovative experience and furthermore an excellent story. However, the ending of the game (no spoilers, don’t care enough to mention) left such a sour taste in my mouth because it was only going to be explained by future DLC. Another example: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. Yeah, probably going to get some shit from this, but are you serious? If anybody watched the ending cinematic…seriously? Really? You’re not even going to try to veil your cliffhanger you are going to jump straight to the credits? Wow. Fucking wow. And the new announcement of Halo 4? Surely this is a giant joke. I’m not getting trolled again, I remember playing Halo: Reach.

I call horseshit on these things in the video game industry, and hope they change some of these things before I get a fucking heart attack.

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